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Increase your confidence in implementing and maintaining your customers' networks by purchasing Smartnet or SmartCare services. We will find the best for you and make sure you get the most out of it. Your customers will have exceptional support and you will improve your company's reputation and profit.​

Extent the lifetime of your Cisco hardware and manage proactively your networks. Cisco Services are now a must-have solutions in all the Cisco hardware engagements that help not only to mitigate network downtime risks but also leverage the type and level of support provided.  

In addition, Cisco Services impact positively your margins and backend rebates, which in effect result in increasing your profitability.  Whether you require beak/fix solutions, proactive engagements, collaborate or advance services implementations,  Cisco Services has you covered. Contact us now and let us discuss your requirements and needs to identify the best fit for you.  

The value of Services over Warranties What End Clients should know about Smart Services

Cisco Services Value to End Clients

Logicom Plus powered by Cisco SMARTcare​ (Coming Soon)

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